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Model Open Meeting Expanded Procedures

AOA member organizations are subject to statutory open meeting requirements: Student body organizations under the Gloria Romero Open Meetings Act of 2000 (Education Code § 89305-307.4); and all others under Education Code §89920-28 (informally referred to as the Seymour Act). The below link is a recommended model framework for auxiliary organization governing boards and committees subject to the Seymour Act.

In many respects the Seymour Act standards are general in nature. This has led to situations and perceptions that governing board and committee meetings lack transparency the law intends.

The Executive Committee has developed an expanded model set of governing board meeting guidelines. These model guidelines have been reviewed by the Office of General Counsel, and are published by AOA with the objective of increasing meeting openness through widespread volitional member-organization action. Such action will demonstrate the value of voluntary standards as an alternative to mandated requirements.

See link:
Model Governing Board Meeting Expanded Procedures for Auxiliary Organizations Governed by Education Code §§ 89920-28

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