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AOA Conference Frequently Asked Questions for First Time Attendees

What is the general dress code, including the Annual Conference banquet?

The dress code for the annual conference is business causal. For the Annual Conference banquet, the dress code is dressy causal (tie optional). Weather in January can be unpredictable, so remember to pack layered clothing and consider bringing an umbrella.

When should I arrive at the conference?

All Newcomers are encouraged to arrive early on Sunday in order to attend the AOA Newcomers Orientation session. This session starts at 1:00 p.m., and covers such important topics as the history and structure of AOA and membership benefits. Participants will leave this session with a wealth of information and valuable resources.

Do I need to be a member of a specific subject matter group to attend the Sunday meetings?

All are welcome to attend any of the AOA subject matter group meetings (Associated Students/Student Unions/Recreation Centers, Commercial Services, Financial Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing and Communications, Philanthropic, Property Development and Research Administration) that are traditionally held on the opening day of the conference. Individuals are welcome to attend any of the meetings offered that correspond to their level of interest. The Chair of each subject matter group leads the meeting and meeting agendas are posted to the AOA website prior to the start of the conference.

Do I need to register for individual sessions in advance?

Individuals do not need to register in advance for individual sessions. AOA provides a mobile conference app that is convenient and easy to use. The conference app provides important conference information and includes a description of all meetings, events and sessions including locations and times. Utilizing the information contained in the app, individuals may create their own customized schedule. Visit on your mobile device or computer to access the AOA Guidebook Online.

It is recommended that individuals arrive early to their selected sessions, as Session Coordinators have been requested to begin each session on time and seating space in meeting rooms fills quickly.

Who are regular attendees of the conference?

Over the past several years, the average conference attendance has been comprised of the following:

Attendees who either work or are directly affiliated with an AOA auxiliary = 300 Attendees who work directly for a CSU campus = 100 Attendees who work directly for the CSU, Office of the Chancellor = 40

In addition to the above, AOA welcomes on average 56 Business Partners and approximately 135 Business Partner attendees at each yearly conference.