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2018 Nominations

AOA Colleagues:

As Chair of the 2018 Awards Selection Committee, I invite you to submit nominations for the Harvey Goodfriend Honorary Lifetime Membership Award and the AOA John Francis Service Award. These prestigious awards recognize individuals whose exceptional efforts on behalf of AOA have left an indelible print on our organization and, at the same time, enhanced its stature and its role within the CSU. Nominations will be reviewed by an Anonymous Selection Committee and honorees will be recognized at the annual conference in January.

Harvey Goodfriend Honorary Lifetime Award

Since its inception in January 2004, Honorary Lifetime Membership Award recipients include Al Amaral (San Luis Obispo), John Francis (Pomona), Robert Griffin (San Luis Obispo), Harvey Goodfriend (San Diego), Bev Smith (San Bernardino), Juanita Brents (San Diego), Bill Pollack (Fullerton), Bill Foster (Northridge), Steve Bloom (San Diego), Leslie Levinson (San Diego), Don Shemenske (San Luis Obispo), Mark Bookman (Chico), Dennis Hordyk (Chancellor's Office), Susan Heiser (San Diego), Marti Gray (Sacramento), Earle Bassett (Fresno), Tom McCarron (Northridge), William (Bill) Dickerson (Fullerton), Richard Jackson (Chico), Dan Cornthwaite (San Diego), Jerri Carmo (San José), Karen Finley (Chico), Taren Mulhause (Bakersfield) and Joan Tyson (Humboldt). The award was renamed in 2009 as the Harvey Goodfriend Honorary Lifetime Membership Award.

Nominees for the Harvey Goodfriend Honorary Lifetime Membership Award should be retired individuals, or individuals who are retiring or transferred to another job position either within or outside of the CSU as of September 1, 2017. Award recipients are entitled to the benefits of full membership in AOA, as well as a waiver of the annual conference registration fee -- a waiver that is also extended to the retired honoree's guest for the conference at which the award is received.

John Francis Service Award

Established in 2004, the AOA Service Award was renamed in January 2012 to the John Francis Service Award. To date, award recipients include Charlene Minnick (CSU Office of the Chancellor), Diana Kinunen (San Luis Obispo), David Prenovost (Pomona), Judah Rosenwald (San Francisco) and Dustin DeBrum (San Luis Obispo). This award seeks to recognize those AOA members who provide their support of AOA through exemplary service outside of leadership roles. These may be hard working committee members, task force members or AOA advocates who otherwise do not receive recognition for their dedication to AOA.

Nominations Process

We believe that there are many others who have helped AOA become what it is today -- and this is where you come in. Would you please take a couple of minutes to help us acknowledge these colleagues who have made exceptional contributions to AOA’s success by clicking on the link and completing the nomination form. You can also visit the AOA website -- but please note that the deadline for submitting nominations is October 15, 2017.

For more details on these awards, please refer to the AOA Recognition Program Policy in the AOA Policy Manual found on line at Thank you in advance for your thoughtful nominations.

Christina Brown,
2018 Awards Nominations Committee Chair
and Executive Director, Associated Students, San Diego State University