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2019 Nominations Form

Use the form below to submit a nomination for the 2018 Harvey Goodfriend Honorary Lifetime Membership Award OR the 2018 John Francis Service Award. All nominations are reviewed by an anonymous selection committee. Honorees will be recognized during the 2019 AOA Annual Conference. Please provide as much information as possible to assist the committee in evaluating the nomination. Please submit only one nomination per form. Nominations must be received by October 15, 2017.


Award Type *   Harvey Goodfriend Honorary Lifetime Membership Award
 John Francis Service Award
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On which AOA committee(s) or task forces(s) has the nominee been involved? Please include dates, length of time served and role (i.e., officer, participant, presenter). *
Please provide the date the nominee left/retired from Auxiliary/Campus employment.
Please describe any regular and/or exceptional contributions to AOA that the nominee has made. *
Please describe any involvement outside of AOA (i.e., AORMA, NACAS, campus and CSU system) that supports auxiliary success and development. *
For the John Francis Service Award Nominees: Please describe any exceptional contributions to AOA that the nominee has made which is outside of the AOA leadership role.


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